2017 Submissions

2017 Submissions are closed. 2018 Submissions will start in June.


1.WE HAVE AN EXCLUSIVITY CLAUSE THAT IS STRICTLY ENFORCED: Our E.C. restricts shows accepted in our fest from participating in other LOS ANGELES-BASED WEBFESTS ONLY that take place within 30 days of our event. It’s unfortunate but necessary. Unfortunate because Los Angeles is a big enough city to support four or five web series festivals—but not if they’re all taking place in the same week; then it’s redundant. It was necessary because of repeated blatant encroachment practices of another L.A.-based webfest that started 3 YEARS after we did yet repeatedly held its event within 7 days of LAWEBFEST. Even though we gave them a 3-year pass, instead of establishing its own identity on the 52-week calendar, it became more dependent on us, diluting our audience. This left us no choice but to create an Exclusivity Clause in 2015 to ensure that LAWEBFEST remains a unique international experience. To read more on LAWEBFEST’s Exclusivity Clause, click here.

2. KNOW YOUR CREATIVE RIGHTS: Don’t let any festival dictate that you must screen your series at its event if you change your mind and decide otherwise. Your show belongs to you, not any festival—whether you’ve been accepted into that festival or not. If you decide to allow a festival to intimidate you into giving away your creative rights, that is on you. If your show is accepted into LAWEBFEST and you later decide not to participate, just notify us in writing and we will remove your series (and award nominations, if you have any) from our festival and awards competition. We respect your creative rights.

3. 2017 FESTIVAL DATES: LAWEBFEST 2017 * Friday April 28 * Saturday April 29 * Sunday April 30 * Warner Bros. Studios * Hollywood, California, USA.

4. ENTRY DEADLINES & FEES: Regular (August 10 – September 10– $75) / Extended (September 11 – October 13– $90) / Late (October 14 – November 20– $125) / Final (November 21 – January 2, 2017–$150) / Last Call (January 3 – 21, 2017)– $180)

5. ACCEPTANCE & AWARD NOMINATIONS: All accepted entries will be notified by or before Sunday February 19th, 2017 . The Class of 2017 list will first post on Lawebfest.com, both Facebook pages (@LA Webfest & @Los Angeles Web Series Festival), and our Twitter page (@LAWEBFEST). WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE CLASS OF 2017 POSTING all accepted 2017 shows will have received a letter (at the email you listed on your Submission Form) breaking down the details of your acceptance including episodes the festival wants to screen at the event, info regarding how to go about purchasing tickets and passes, and Award Nominations your show has received and the appropriate digital badges that go with them. WHETHER YOUR SERIES GETS INTO THE FESTIVAL OR NOT, for $25 you can request a copy of your LAWEBFEST Series Critique and see the actual notes the judges took when reviewing your web series that you can either frame, burn or use to improve your series. TO RECEIVE A COPY OF THE ACTUAL NOTES OUR REVIEW BOARD TOOK ON YOUR WEB SERIES THAT EXPLAIN WHY YOUR SHOW DID OR DID NOT GET INTO THE FESTIVAL.

Benjamin Matthew & Reece Jones of BEDHEAD

6. THE LAWEBFEST AWARDS: Every accepted series has a chance to be nominated for an award. Acceptance, award nominations and winners are decided by an anonymous diverse international panel of qualified screeners and judges working in all facets of the industry. We quietly recruit those who believe in and actually enjoy watching web series rather than, say, industry pros with little or no interest in or understanding of web series. After you pay your entry fee and submit your series for us to review, our small but committed screening staff watches every produced episode made available. Unlike all other web series festivals, we base our acceptance(or denial)and all award nominations (and winners)on the totality of your series rather than just one or two episodes. That’s why it’s in your best interest not to try and prevent us from viewing maybe a season you’d rather forget. Like terrestrial television, we know that online TV is a progressive art. The more episodes you make, the more your series should evolve—for the better—and we find that to be true in most cases. STUDENT: One (1) award is given out in up to (9) categories / TRAILER PARK: One (1) award is given out in three (3) categories: Outstanding Reality, Drama and Comedy Trailers / DRAMA & COMEDY: Up to three (3) awards are given out in up to 18 categories DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL GRAND PRIZE WINNERS: At least one (1) drama, comedy or reality-documentary series will be sent to each of our 10 Official Partner Festivals, receiving Automatic Entry, two (2) complimentary All-Access VIP Passes, and will be eligible to compete for awards in that festival. FESTIVAL PARTNERS & AWARDS: To avoid conflicts of interest, as of 2017, web series produced by or starring Festival Partner principals can screen at LAWEBFEST but are ineligible to compete for or win any awards.

7. NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOME BUT MUST BE SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH: Since web series is a worldwide movement, we have a global approach to our screenings, panels and awards ceremony. We have no special “foreign web series” sections or awards categories. Entries in the same genre (Student, Reality/Documentary, Comedy, Drama) screen together and compete for the same awards– regardless of language, ethnicity or national origin– as long as your episodes are properly subtitled in English so as to provide you with the same opportunity to impress us with your series as your English-speaking counterparts.

8. VALUE OF ATTENDANCE: If you’re accepted you’re not required to attend LAWEBFEST but we strongly encourage you to. Our goal is to showcase you, your team and your work and to help expand your brand (and options) beyond its present borders. Networking with and learning from other highly-skilled artists and established Hollywood players at panels, workshops and parties; sharing your unique journey of how you made your web series on informative panels with your international peers and a curious Hollywood crowd that will be in attendance; receiving recognition for your work on the greatest entertainment stage on the planet on the actual lot of a legendary Hollywood studio; even shooting future episodes of your show while you’re in Los Angeles or planning future crossover episodes with newfound fellow producers are just a few of the unlimited opportunities you can only take advantage of at LAWEBFEST. But you won’t realize the true value of your acceptance if you’re not represented at the festival.

9. RECOMMENDED EPISODE LENGTHS & NUMBERS: Based on nearly 2000 web series (23,000+ webisodes) reviewed since 2010, we suggest comedies and reality/docs not exceed 6 minutes and dramas not exceed 8 minutes (without credits). The shorter the better. If your episodes exceed these lengths, consider trimming or dividing them to make more festival friendly or take your chances.// Since we always screen at least two (2) episodes of each series, it’s recommended that you have at least two or more produced episodes of your series when you apply. The more produced episodes you have the greater your chances of getting into the festival. Under no circumstances will we screen just one episode of your web series.

10. NO REFUND POLICY: Unless it’s an error on our end, all entry fees, festival passes, festival tickets, award show tickets, trailer park buys, program ad buys, sponsorship buys and promotional buys of any kind are final and non-refundable. No exceptions.