Class of 2018




190 Lorimer – comedy (New York, NEW YORK, USA)
600 Bottles of Wine – comedy (Darlington, NSW, AUSTRALIA)
Adulthood – comedy (Montreal, Quebec, CANADA)
All About Manos – comedy (Las Vegas, NEVADA,USA)
Alone – drama (Madrid, SPAIN)
Banana Actually – comedy (Seoul, KOREA)
Bent – comedy (Plymont, NSW, AUSTRALIA)
Brothahood – drama (Augusta, GEORGIA, USA)
Buckle Up – comedy (Maple Glen, PENNSYLVANIA, USA)
Building Managers – comedy (Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Burning Violins – comedy (Imola, ITALY)
But I’m Chris Jericho – comedy (Toronto, Ontario, CANADA)
Charon – drama (Rome, ITALY)
Chronicles of Jessica Wu – drama (Lake Elsinore, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Dawn – drama (Seoul, KOREA)
Dexter Jackson’s Guide To Dating – comedy (Powder Springs, GEORGIA, USA)
Dog Gone It – comedy (West Hollywood, CALIFORNIA, USA)

Easy V – comedy (Toronto, Ontario, CANADA)
Ebersberg – drama (Bavaria, GERMANY)
Entitled – comedy (New York, NEW YORK, USA)
Explaining An Alien – comedy (Montreal, Quebec, CANADA)
Home – comedy (Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Homesick – comedy (London, England, UNITED KINGDOM)
Hopefully Ever After – comedy (Brooklyn, NEW YORK, USA)
House Call with Dr. Yvette Lu – reality/documentary (Burnaby, B.C., CANADA)
Insurgency Now – reality/documentary (Rancho Cucamonga, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Invisible City – drama (Brasilia, BRAZIL)
Jade of Death – drama (Sydney, AUSTRALIA)
Kate & Shaun – drama (New York, NEW YORK, USA)
LACEE – drama (Downey, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Language Academy – comedy (North Hollywood, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Lovers Lane – drama (Augusta, GEORGIA, USA)
Mel Tells – comedy (Valley Village, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Mondays – comedy (West Hollywood, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Monogamy – drama (Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, USA)
My Mother The Bookie (Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Natural Selection – drama (Bogota, COLUMBIA)
Neem’s Themes – comedy (Brooklyn, NEW YORK, USA)
Nice Guys Finish Last – comedy (Inglewood, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Perfect Nothings – drama (Rancho Cucamonga, CALIFORNIA, USA)

Phantom Family – comedy (Newton, MASSACHUSETTS, USA)
Pool – comedy (New York, NEW YORK, USA)
Rise – drama (Mumbai, INDIA)
Second Thoughts – comedy (Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Shakespeare Republic – drama (South Yarra, NSW, AUSTRALIA)
So Soha (S2) – comedy (South Huntington, NEW YORK, USA)
Soho Art – comedy (Brooklyn, NEW YORK, USA)
Starstuck – comedy (Loyola Marymount Univeristy, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Starting From Now (S5) – drama (Marrickville, NSW, AUSTRALIA)
Specula – drama (Fresno, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Stop The Bleeding – comedy (Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Straight White Man – comedy (London, England, UNITED KINGDOM)
Terrible Encounters of the Tinder Kind – comedy (Denver, COLORADO, USA)
The Big O – drama (Fresno, CALIFORNIA, USA)
The Doll (North Hollywood, CALIFORNIA, USA)
The G Spot – comedy (Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, USA)
The Girl In The Attic – drama (Barrington, RHODE ISLAND, USA)
The Hunted: Encore – comedy (Brooklyn, NEW YORK, USA)
The New Adult – comedy (Sherman Oaks, CALIFORNIA, USA)
The Princess: Tears of Blood – drama (Mexico City, MEXICO)
The Street Barber Stories – reality/documentary (Fitzroy, Victoria, AUSTRALIA)
The Wild Orchards – drama (Forestville, NSW, AUSTRALIA)
ThreadBare – comedy (Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, USA)

transpLAnts – comedy (El Segundo, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Twentyfiveish – drama (West Hollywood, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Undocumented Tales – drama (Paramount, CALIFORNIA, USA)
Wakiki P.D. – comedy (Honolulu, HAWAII, USA)
Women of the Island – reality/documentary (West Hobart, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA)

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over the next 7-10 days including requested episodes and award nominations.
Congratulations and welcome LAWEBFEST Class of 2018!!!!!