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*Austin Webfest (Texas, USA)
ATL Webfest (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
*Baja Webfest (Mexico, NORTH AMERICA)
*Bilbao Webfest (Spain, EUROPE)
*Brooklyn Webfest (New York, USA)
*Buenos Aires Webfest (Argentina/1st in SOUTH AMERICA)
*Carballo Interplay Webfest (Spain, EUROPE)
*D.C. Webfest (Washington D.C., USA)
*Dub Webfest (Ireland, EUROPE)
*H.K. Webfest (Hong Kong, CHINA/1st in Asia/now defunct)
Hollyweb Webfest (California, USA)
*/**Kwebfest (South Korea, ASIA)
*Latino Webfest (Florida, USA)
**Marseilles Webfest (France/1st in EUROPE)
*/**Melbourne Webfest (1st in AUSTRALIA)
*Miami Webfest (Florida, USA)
*NYC Webfest (New York, USA)
*Raindance London Webfest (England, EUROPE)
*/**Rio Webfest (Brazil, SOUTH AMERICA)
*San Francisco Webfest (California, USA)
*Seattle Webfest (Washington, USA)
*/**Sicily Webfest (Italy, EUROPE)
**SoFloWebfest (Florida, USA)
*T.O. Webfest (Toronto, Canada, NORTH AMERICA)
*U.K.UrbanWebfest (England, EUROPE/1st in U.K./ now defunct)
*/**Valencia Webfest (Spain, EUROPE)
*Vancouver Webfest (1st in Canada, NORTH AMERICA)
**Webfest Berlin (Germany, EUROPE)
*/**Webfest Montreal (Canada, NORTH AMERICA)
*Festivals founded/organized by LAWEBFEST alumni
**Official LAWEBFEST Partner Festival



International Partners
HISTORIC GATHERING– THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF WEBFEST FOUNDERS TOOK PLACE IN 2015 AT KWEBFEST IN SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: (Left to Right): BACK ROW: Jean-Michel Albert (Founder, Marseilles Webfest/FRANCE); Simon Cote (Founder, Webfest Montreal/CANADA); 2ND ROW: Young Man Kang (Founder, KWebfest/KOREA); Meredith Burkholder (Founder, Webfest Berlin/GERMANY); Leandro Silva (Founder, Rio Webfest/BRAZIL); Rose of Dolls (Co-Founder, Blbao Webfest/SPAIN); Riccardo Cannella (Founder, Sicily Webfest/ITALY); FRONT ROW: Steinar Elliingsen (Co-Founder, Melbourne Webfest/AUSTRALIA); Michael Ajakwe Jr. (Founder, LAWEBFEST/USA); Janet DeNardis (Co-Founder, Rome Webfest/ITALY)

CAPITAL GAINS: D.C. Webfest was the 1st web series festival on the East Coast, 3rd in the United States, and 4th in the world.  It was founded in Washington D.C. in April 2013 by former LAWEBFEST award-winning alum/current American University college professor Otessa Marie Ghadar (pictured with LAWEBFEST founder Mike Ajakwe Jr.)

LA Webfest's International Partners
NEW PARTNERS: Back Row: LAWEBFEST Founder Mike Ajakwe Jr. and his lovely girlfriend Tammy Rose; Marseilles Webfest Founder Jean-Michel Albert/FRONT ROW (L to R): Former LAWE BFEST award-winning producer Ana Ramon Rubio and award-winning actress Maria Albinana who are now the Co-Founders of Spain’s 4th web series festival– Valencia Webfest.

mike and ashley in Melbourne with our fest sweathirts on.nice
THE STUDENT HAS BECOME THE TEACHER: LAWEBFEST Founder Mike Ajakwe with former LAWEBFEST coordinator Ashlee Katrice Thomas, who went on to help jump-start Melbourne Webfest in 2013 and SouthFloridaWebfest in 2016, making Ashlee the first person in the world to a.) Found two web series festivals & b.) Found two webfests in two different countries (Australia and America)

LAWEBFEST Founder Mike Ajakwe in Rome with Rome Webfest Co-Founders Janet DeNardis and Max Gigliucci

LAWEBFEST International Partners
LAWEBFEST Founder Mike Ajakwe and Founding Boardmember Kathie Fong-Yoneda flank Melbourne Webfest Co-Founder Steinar Ellingsen, a former LAWEBFEST award-winning producer.

LAWEBFEST Founder Mike Ajakwe with Young Man Kang, a former LAWEBFEST award-winning producer who, in 2015, launched Korea’s first web series festival and the only one in all of great Asia– KWebfest.

LAWEBFEST BLOODLINES: Suzette LaQua (Left/Founder, Vancouver Webfest– the first web series festival in Canada) and Lauren Atkins (Founder, New York Webfest/USA) first met at LAWEBFEST in 2013. Now look at them– big ballers! LAWEBFEST changes lives and careers.

me at Baja Webfest 14
LAWEBFEST Founder Mike Ajakwe at Mexico’s first and only web series festival– Baja Webfest– standing to the right of Co-Founder Miguel Garcia Yee , an LAWEBFEST award-winning alum.

Mike with Meredith and Mikael Theiry in Germany
NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK: In October 2014, LAWEBFEST Founder Mike Ajakwe (l) was invited to speak at Germany’s first international web series symposium at the Filmakademie Baden-Wurrtemberg in Ludwigsburg. He invited these two future web series founders to join him so that they could officially announce their upcoming events: Meredith Burkholder (Founder, Webfest Berlin– the first web series festival in Germany) and LAWEBFEST alum Mikael Thiery (Founder, DubWebfest– the first web series festival in Ireland)

A SICILIAN MESSAGE: Riccardo Cannella went from showcasing two award-winning dramas at LAWEBFEST ’14 & “15 to starting his own event in 2015. Now President of Sicily Webfest in Italy, Riccardo (1) shared a warm embrace with LAWEBFEST founder Mike Ajakwe (r) in 2016 at their mutual partner festival — Rome Webfest

michael-jeanmichele-stepane copy
BROTHERS FROM ANOTHER MOTHER: In October 2011, LAWEBFEST Founder Mike Ajakwe journeyed to the south of France to support producer Jean-Michel Albert in celebrating the launch of the second web series festival in the world, the first in Europe and the only one in France– Marseille Webfest.// Left Photo– 2 OF A KIND: Marseille Webfest Founder Jean-Michel Albert with his invaluable partner Marseille Cultural Minister Stephane Rizzo at LAWEBFEST.

THE FRENCH CONNECTION: LAWEBFEST Founder Mike Ajakwe Jr. receives a special Medal From the City from Marseilles Mayor Jean-Michel Gaudin for helping producer Jean-Michel Albert launch the first web series festival in France and in Europe– Marseilles Webfest

WELCOME, ASIA: At LAWEBFEST 2013 (l to r), Marseille Webfest Founder Jean-Michel Albert, LAWEBFEST Founder Mike Ajakwe and Melbourne Webfest Founder Steinar Ellingsen welcomed a new addition to the web series festival fraternity– former LAWEBFEST award-winning director Marco Spamberg (far right), Founder of Asia’s first web series festival– Hong Kong Webfest. Later that year, Mike would travel to Asia to deliver the keynote address at HK Webfest. Unfortunately, the festival only existed for one year.

attack_of_the_web_series_festivals.great_crazy_shot.8 webfests
ATTACK OF THE KILLER WEBFEST FOUNDERS!!!! Back Row: Jonathan Robbins, Scott Albert, Jason Leaver (Organizers, Toronto Webfest/CANADA/Also all are LAWEBFEST award-winning alums); Jean-Michel Albert (Founder, Marseilles Webfest/FRANCE); Michael Ajakwe (Founder, LAWEBFEST/Los Angeles, U.S.A.); Max Gigliucci (Co-Founder, Rome Webfest/ITALY); Elisar Cabrera (Producer, Raindance Webfest/LONDON/Also an LAWEBFEST award-winning alum); Tim Duquesne (Author, “The Future [of Pixels] Is In Our Hands”/FRANCE); Joe Barajas (Co-Founder, Austin Webfest/Texas, USA/Also an LAWEBFEST alum) SITTING (L to R): Cristina Priarone (Director General, Rome Film Commission/ITALY); Janet DeNardis (Co-Founder, Rome Webfest/ITALY); Ed Robbins (Co-Founder, Austin Webfest/Texas, USA/Also an LAWEBFEST award-winning alum); Monique Barajas (Co-Founder, Austin Webfest/Texas, USA/Also an LAWEBFEST alum)